Air plethysmography - BodPod

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The BodPod is a method of assessing body composition using air displacement (accuracy +/- 3-4% error). It is a quick, automated, noninvasive measurement process that involves sitting in a small, enclosed machine with a window for up to 5 minutes. This test accommodates most populations, including children, obese, elderly, and disabled persons. The Exercise Science Lab Director (Terence Moriarty - [email protected]) will email you regarding scheduling following receipt of payment or you can email and schedule in advance of payment (either works).

Note: This method may not be accurate for those with facial and/or dense body hair.

What are the pre-test instructions?
  • Do not eat or drink anything (water is okay) 2-4 hrs before testing.
  • Avoid gas-producing foods for 24 hrs before the test.
  • Do not participate in any hard exercise before testing.
  • It is not advised to schedule your test during pre-menstrual days due to fluctuations in water retention.
Frequently asked questions:
  • What should I wear?
    • You can arrive at the lab in your everyday clothes. Please bring a swimsuit or tight fit clothing such as bike shorts & a sports bra (loose clothing will trap air and lead to unreliable results).
  • What will the test tell me?
    • Results from this test include percent body fat and percent fat-free mass.