Feed the Lake: Essays on the Craft of Fiction

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Edited by Shelly Criswell and Grant Tracey

ISBN: 978-0-915996-12-4

"These essayists seek to challenge our assumptions about the process of writing fiction. And though it's true—no one can teach you exactly how to write—the best essays on craft do make the process accessible by illuminating fiction’s design and locating its authority. They offer useful models while cautioning that imitation alone will fall short. They urge you to look closely, but not so slavishly you fail to discover your own originality.

The writers in this anthology take an “intimate” and “meditative” approach to their topics. Nothing is dry here, nothing anything less than personal and reflective. The authors write out of a need to understand their own work through the study of others. There’s an urgency to know, to realize more than you did yesterday about craft, to discover the writing life anew."

—Steven Schwartz

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