Hydrodensitometry - underwater weighing (UWW)

$20.00 / unit

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Commonly referred to as the "gold standard" for body composition assessment (accuracy +/-1 - 1.5% error). Hydrostatic weighing involves sitting in a chair suspended from a scale in a tank of warm water. You will be asked to exhale all of the air from your lungs while you are completely immersed underwater, during which your weight is measured. The Exercise Science Lab Director (Terence Moriarty - [email protected]) will email you regarding scheduling following receipt of payment or you can email and schedule in advance of payment (either works).

What are the pre-test instructions?

  • Do not eat or drink anything (water is okay) 2-4 hrs before testing.
  • Avoid gas-producing foods for 24 hrs before the test.
  • Do not participate in any hard exercise before testing.
  • It is not advised to schedule your test during pre-menstrual days due to fluctuations in water retention.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What should I wear?
    • You can arrive at the lab in your everyday clothes. Please bring a swimsuit or tight fit clothing and a towel.
  • What will this test tell me?
    • Results from this test include percent body fat and percent fat-free mass.