Light & Shadow Classroom Kit


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Investigate light and shadow phenomena with our Light & Shadow Classroom Kit. Each kit contains a wooden storage cupboard on wheels measuring approximately 28" H x 27" W x 16" D. The kit includes the book, Investigating Light & Shadow with Young Children, published by Teachers College Press, and three types of materials: screens, light sources, and materials to investigate how they respond to light.

Screens: 1 large screen frame with a curtain and wooden clamps, and 2 tabletop screens

Light sources: 2 light pads, 2 packs of rechargeable tea lights, 6 rechargeable puck lights, 30 flashlights with rechargeable batteries and 2 battery rechargers, 1 rechargeable "satellite" worklight, and 2 surge protectors with 2 usb ports

Materials: color filters, transparent colored plastic blocks, wood-framed colored plastic window blocks, assortment of transparent, frosted, and opaque gems, and 12 hinged 6 x 6 acrylic mirrors